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    You also have the opportunity to get the "Rugby Speed PART 2 - The Fundamentals" Training System Ebook For men & women (including video Exercises & tutorials) created by our new Lead Performance Coach Ryan Gallop & Carlin Isles, the World's FASTEST rugby player!


    From Carlin Isles
    World's Fastest Rugby Player

    "This program has helped me utilize the speed I developed through the years as a sprinter and apply it to the IN-GAME situations on a rugby pitch, as well as developing the necessary multi-direction skills needed for cutting and playing defense. Personally, its been great to collaborate with Ryan Gallop on the content of this and future editions, and I'm grateful we've been able to create a reasonably priced training tool for everyone out there working hard to outrun their dreams."

    Ryan Gallop

    • Ryan Gallop is Lead Performance Coach for Rugby Nation
    • ​Former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the U.S.A. Men’s National Sevens Team
    • ​Performance Director at NAKOA Fitness & Physical Therapy
    • ​Years of success training many of the world’s top action sports athletes
    • ​Movement Specialist for San Diego Legion Pro Rugby Team
    • ​Rugby player for 23 years and counting

    Example 1 - Top-End Speed

    Example 2 - Plyometrics

    Carlin Isle's Story

    Here's What To Expect

    This program is designed to educate athletes and coaches on proper warm-up protocols, movement fundamentals, and safe drill progressions that can improve acceleration, top-end sprint speed, multi-direction skills, reactive agility and jumping abilities. Each of these skills are necessary for success in the sport of rugby but it also applies to all field and court sports. This program requires minimal equipment, some open space with an internet capable device, sometimes a training partner, and the work ethic and desire to succeed!
    • ​Includes The Following:
    • Movement Prep
    • ​​Linear Speed Development - Acceleration:  The goal is getting up to full speed AS FAST AS POSSIBLE from a static position (standing in place or after changing direction). Three areas that will be focused on will be the power line (body angle during acceleration), start focus and drive phase power.
    • ​Linear Speed Development - Top-End Speed: Focus on achieving proper body alignment and leg turnover mechanics needed for hitting maximum top-end speeds, while also drilling game-specific sprinting skills necessary for field sport athletes.
    • ​Multi-Directional Skills - Same-Direction Skills: The goal is to maintain momentum and control while transitioning from one locomotive movement to another as you travel in the same direction. There is a heavy focus on swinging the gate with a quiet head.
    • ​Multi-Directional Skills - Change of Direction Skills: The goal is to properly decelerate and use shin angles to quickly and effectively change direction. In this edition the focus will be on true changes of direction (returning the way you came in, picture the turn in a shuttle run).
    • ​Reactive Agility - Wave Drills: The goal is react quickly and effectively to the movements of your training partner.
    • Reactive Agility - Shadow Drills: The goal is react quickly and effectively to the movements of your training partner.
    • ​Power Development - Jumps: Power Development involves creating force into the ground rapidly in an effort to improve explosiveness and safe/effective decelerations and landings. The goal with Power Development Jumps is to increase OVERALL power in the lower body through single jumps that focus on maximum effort.
    • Power Development - Plyometrics: Goal is to improve ELASTIC power and ankle stiffness through multiple jumps, focus on spending minimal time on the ground between efforts.
    • ​Program Design Recommendations: All the skills and progressions featured in this ebook can be yielded ineffective or counterproductive if they are not done within the proper framework. Using these tools within the proper program design is essential.

    If Any Of The Questions Below Describes You
    This Program Is For You.

    • Do you want to be faster and quicker while playing your sport?
    • Do you want to learn proper warm-ups that can help lower the risk of injury?
    • ​Do you have the drive to be a champion yet minimal access to a gym or training equipment?
    • ​Do you want to learn proper Sprint and Movement Mechanics from the World's Fastest Rugby Player?

    Here's A FREE Added Bonus If You Order Today

    • The Essential Top 10 Tips For Athlete Nutrition Ebook
    • ​Plus, 13 Delicious Recipes Including Two Of Our Favorite Smoothies
    Today, the fitness and wellness industry is flooded with massive amounts of mixed information about what you should do to get healthy and to be happy. We are bombarded everyday with so much noise and biased information that it is difficult to sort through the chaos. We understand that you lead a busy life: career, family, and many other commitments that leave you stressed and  overloaded. Yet we know that to feel our best and be able to enjoy life at its fullest we depend on high quality food to fuel our bodies.

    Here's A Summary Of What You Get Today

    "Top Rugby Speed" PART 2 - CARLIN ISLE'S TOP 10 Fundamental Exercise Training System Ebook For Men And Women

    VALUE: $100

    Essential Top 10 Tips For Athletes

    VALUE: $37

    13 Delicious Recipes For Athletes

    VALUE: $27

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    Watch Carlin Isles In Action!


    From Todd Clever

    “I can honestly say without the diligent Movement Preparation protocols Ryan Gallop included in my off season training programs, I never could have played professionally and represented the USA for nearly 15 years.” Todd Clever


    AKA Captain America, 3-time College All American, USA 7s and Captain XVs. The most Capped American Player ever (76). First American to play Super Rugby, North American Player of the Decade. Played professional Rugby in New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, England and America. Currently Director of Rugby in the MLR at Austin Herd.
    The "Rugby Speed PART 2 - The Fundamentals" Training System Ebook For Men And Women (Including Video Exercises & Tutorials)
    To be the best you need to learn from the best. So, here it is!
    Plus, get entered to WIN A TRIP TO SAN DIEGO, CA to have dinner with Todd Clever and train with Ryan Gallop. Scroll to the bottom of this page to read more.
    Here’s Everything You Get With Your Order:
    • "Top Rugby Speed" PART 2 - CARLIN ISLE'S TOP 10 Fundamental Exercise Training System Ebook For Men And Women. Normally $100
    • Essential Top 10 Tips For Athletes. Normally $37
    • 13 Delicious Recipes For Athletes. Normally $27
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    Your 30-Day money back Guarantee
    We guarantee that if you do all the exercises and don’t experiences the improvements in your body within 30 days, then you didn’t do the workouts ;)
    But, if for some reason you’re not feeling faster…you can casually ask for your money back and we’ll give it to you.
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    1 Grand Prize Winner Gets

    • Fully paid flight, rental car & hotel to San Diego, CA USA VALUE $5,000
    • ​Have dinner with Todd Clever, Ryan Gallop & possibly others VALUE $PRICELESS
    • One visit to the official NAKOA Fitness facility and work out with Ryan Gallop alongside with other athletes VALUE $400
    • ​Signed Rugby Nation Shirt VALUE $80
    • ​Free Mystery Rugby Nation Swag Box VALUE $300
    • ​Exclusive webinar given by Ryan Gallop and a pro rugby athlete of our choice to answer your questions about fitness, nutrition and the game VALUE $100
    • ​One year free of Rugby X Strength & Conditioning Movement programs VALUE $120

    A TOTAL VALUE OF $6,000+

    10 Second Place Winners Get

    • ​A signed Rugby Nation shirt VALUE $80
    • ​Exclusive webinar given by Ryan Gallop and a pro rugby athlete to answer your questions about fitness, nutrition and the game VALUE $100
    • 3 months free of Rugby X Strength & Conditioning programs VALUE $36


    40 Third Place Winners Get

    • ​Exclusive webinar given by Ryan Gallop and a pro rugby athlete to answer your questions about fitness, nutrition and the game VALUE $100


    Giveaway FAQs

    • How to enter to win: One entry is earned for every dollar you spend on any of Rugby Nation's fitness products or apparel. So, if you buy this $25 hat you will receive 25 entries into the random drawing.
    • ​Dates: Starts now. Ends February 29th. Winners announced March 1, 2020. Travel dates are dependent on when Todd Clever & Ryan Gallop are available to have dinner with you in San Diego, California, which should be no later than summer time 2020.
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